Finally, My HUAWEI has Google Service


Why choose to install Google Service

At first, I just use apkpure website to download apps which are not available in HUAWEI app gallery. I use Bitwarden app download in F-Droid, a not perfect version. So I want to download a full version from Google Play. And also I want to answer the issue in Github app. As we all know that after Google’s sanction, HUAWEI has no Google Service. So I just went to apkpure as normal. I wanted to download a apkpure app for more convenience. However, my system stopped the installation, which made me nervous about the security concerning the password management app. So I decided to install Google Service this morning.



HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro 5G

Harmony OS

I watched a video in Youtube and followed his instruction. Everything works fine and smoothly. I successed and download Bitwarden and Github from Google Play. Hope there would not be any trouble in the future. PS: This software needs to pay and I think 19.99¥ is worth it!


** Do not change your google account easily, or you will need to re-install the Google Service. I mean all process you need to run again, which is a time-taking work. Do not ask me how did I know this.😫