Free mail server provided by Aliyun

Though I am using a new server, I do not want to install iRedMail again. iRedMail is useful but it is too resource-consuming. So I want to find an alternative. Today I find Aliyun business mail, which is perfect to me, free but powerful. The only drawback is that it seems only support one domain.

How to use it

  1. Register an Aliyun account and buy its free mail service. You can buy any year you like as it is free and can automatically renew. The entrance to free mail service is hided by Aliyun, here is the way.
    Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.01.42

  2. Set dns resolver for your domain as following:

    Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.05.20

  3. Go to console of mail server, click your domain and check resolver status for your domain.

    Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.06.20

  4. Reset password for administrator.

    Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.08.11

  5. Go to mail web UI as administrator and add user. Now it

    Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.10.33

All done, I have tried to send or receive mail, both of them are smooth and fine.


If you want to use third party client, you need to edit safety settings.

You can turn off forbid third party login or turn on forbid third party login with an safe ip added.

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 19.15.21