How to install Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS with software raid 1

Recently, I helped our teach install some scientific software on a bare metal server, which is very expensive, about 80k ¥. And the server’s old system is a Chinese version and had some errors I cannot figure it out. I also was afraid it would be incompatible with scientific software as all the softwares are English only. So I decided to reinstall a brand new ubuntu desktop system for it.

Due to it has multiple disk( 2TB SSD*2, 8TB SSD *2, 18TB HHD *3), I planned to install the system based on Raid 1 in order to make full use of hardware and for data safety concern.

To be honest, I had never tried it before, so I also needed to study step by step.

Install Ubuntu Desktop version directly failed

As we know, the Ubuntu Desktop version did not contains soft raid option in install wizard. So we need to find extra ways. However, I did not succeed this way.

At first, I just follow the tutorial from, everything worked fine until the last step. I had tried many times and failed with the error below each time.


Install Ubuntu Server and then install Desktop environment

After failure in installing Ubuntu Desktop directly, I decided to install Server version first as the Server version installation wizard contain soft raid option, after which I install GUI desktop.

First of all, just install Ubuntu Server based on soft raid 1 following the video tutorial on YouTube

Then follow me.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
sudo reboot

Then you will see your GUI desktop after reboot.