My brand new ESP32 expander board————damaged

What happend?

Days before, I tidied up my desktop. But unfortunately I put my ESP32 expander board on a copper nut, leading to a short circuit, and my expander board got damaged. At first, I just think only the expander board was broken, as its led light work when plugging in. So I just buy a new one expander board and though if I replace this, it will be working fine as before.

About ten minutes before, I got and unwrap the package which contains my new expander board and replace the bad board with this new one. As soon I plugged in DC power, I saw white smoke smitting from my ESP32 board which made me scared and anxious. At this critical moment, I hastily cut off the DC power. The MOS tube was leaking liquid. It is a stroke of luck that I came out unharmed. Then I check the ESP32 board again, it was broken as led light did not work. I still did not where is the issue as before I had checked that it is working. Maybe the key point is the sensor. The sensor perhaps broken last time, which resulted in this whole accident. So it is recommend for me to buy a complete set again for safety concerning.