My first blog


If you can found this website, you must have a lot of fate with me as I have never shared this website with the people around me in the past, present, or future. So there must be some common interests between you and me. This is the secret garden for me and lucky bodies.
I found one of the biggest disadvantage of mine is procrastination. For example: this blog. If I concentrate on building this blog, it could be finished much earlier! What did I do? I just wasting my time on useless vedio on bilibili. I need to change this bad habit.

Why Hexo

At first, my blog system is typecho. But when I deployed an email system called iRedMail, which use a lot of resource of my VPS, this shutdown my typecho, and I do not know how to repair the issue. So I give up the typecho and choose Hexo, at the same time, I found the way to make email system and blog system coexist.

Why English

Maybe you wonder why I am using English only in my blog considering the fact that I am a nativi Chinese. To be honst, at the beginning, I want to make a multi-language blog. But I found this will costs me a lot of time. So I decided to use English only so that I can practice English while building my blog.

The blueprint about this blog

I am gonna to share various content in my blog, including: personal feeling, personal achievement, personal moments, technology tutorial, interesting things and so on.

I think it is the right time to make a better me!